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Vincent Massey Branch 164 has been a part of Yellowknife for almost 75 Years!

On November 21st, 1945, Vincent Massey Branch 164 was first chartered.  Vincent Massey was the 18th Governor General of Canada and served from February 28th 1952 to September 15th 1959.  The Yellowknife Legion was the second community club to exist in Yellowknife, following the Daughters of the Midnight Sun. 

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The Yellowknife Legion has been located in the territorial capital since 1945 as follows:

1945 to 1952 - Old Town (an unused building just up the hill from the Wildcat Cafe)

1952 to 1978 - 4915 50 Street (currently being redeveloped)

1978 to 2018 - 4709 Franklin Ave (currently Aurora Village)

2018 to Present - 4511 Franklin Ave (George Canyon performed during the grand opening)

The Legion has been, and always will be a home for serving Veterans, returning service members and their families.

The Yellowknife Legion has a number of services and events it offers on a regular basis.  

The Legion Service Bureau Network serves Veterans, member of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, and their families by representing their interests with Veterans Affairs Canada and the Veterans Review and Appeal Board for disability benefits under the Pension Act and the New Veterans Charter.  

The Legion's professional Command Service Officers are mandated by legislation to provide: 



-Financial Assistance 

All these services are provided free of charge and you do not need to be a Legion Member to access them. 

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Click below to see our by-laws. 

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